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TruSculpt ID – Houston, TX

Targeted Fat Loss without Surgery

Everyone has that one problem area where they just can’t seem to get rid of extra fat. For some, it’s their abdomen, while for others, it’s their arms, thighs, or buttocks. Traditionally, the only way to remove fat from a specific area involves either working out extremely hard or liposuction surgery. But, with TruSculpt ID in our Houston, TX medical spa, people now have a third, non-invasive option. With it, our team can banish unwanted fat from the exact spots people want it gone, using a fast, non-invasive method that has to be experienced to be believed.

Closeup of torso after TruSculpt I D treatment

Why Choose Dream Aesthetics MedSpa for TruSculpt ID?

How Does TruSculpt ID Work?

Patient's under arm skin before and after TruScultp I D treatment

The secret of TruSculpt ID is radiofrequency energy. A small applicator is placed on the area a person wants to remove fat, and it directs radiofrequency energy directly into it. This literally heats up and burns the fat. Not only that, but once the fat is gone, the body will no longer create fat in that area, meaning a patient doesn’t have to worry about problems in the future. And even better, all of this is accomplished with a few treatments that take just 15-minutes on average! 

Why Patients Love TruSculpt ID

Woman with loose skin on abdoment before TruSculpt I D treatment

Who Should Get TruSculpt ID?

Woman pinching small amount of excess fat on hip before TruSculpt I D treatment

TruSculpt ID is great for already active people who just need a little help with certain areas. Even those who eat healthily and workout consistently can have extra fat in spots, and TruSculpt ID can tackle them head-on and enable people to refine their physiques. For patients who need to lose a large amount of weight, TruSculpt ID is typically not recommended, as methods such as diet, exercise, and liposuction are more effective in this situation.

truSculpt iD Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to talk to us about truSculpt iD? Of course, it’s completely understandable if want more information before you contact us to schedule your consultation for nonsurgical fat removal in Houston. We invite you to check out the following list of frequently asked questions. If you would like further explanation for anything you read here, or you don’t see the answer to your specific question, please ask our team directly. We are ready to help!

What Kind of Results Can I Expect? How Long Do They Last?

The results can vary from person to person. On average, truSculpt iD reduces fat in target areas by 24%. You can expect long-term results because the truSculpt iD process permanently damages the fat cells that it targets. After they are damaged, the body slowly destroys them over the course of about 12 weeks.

What Can I Expect During My Treatment Sessions? Will I Feel Any Pain?

During your treatment sessions, we will use special applicators to direct the radiofrequency energy into your skin. You will feel some heat as the process begins, but you should not expect to experience any pain. We apply the heat in cycles until the ideal temperature is reached, which helps to ensure your safety and comfort. The application process is designed to keep the skin cooler than the fat cells beneath it.

How Safe Is truSculpt iD?

TruSculpt ID is a very low-risk procedure for body sculpting in Houston. Grounding pads ensure that the electricity used during the process will not harm you. The radiofrequency energy only targets the fat cells between your skin and muscle, so you don’t have to worry about it adversely affecting any part of you that is vital for your health. Side effects are usually minimal and might include things like redness, mild tenderness, and sweating. Such issues usually go away within a few hours.

How Does truSculpt iD Differ from Other Fat Reduction Techniques, Such as CoolSculpting?

Both TruSculpt ID and CoolSculpting are designed for fat reduction in Houston. However, there are some major differences between the two treatments. TruSculpt uses heat to target fat, while CoolSculpting actually freezes the fat away. CoolSculpting typically results in less fat reduction, and unlike TruSculpt ID, it may require some downtime.

truSculpt iD is also different from TruSculpt 3D. The 3D version of TruSculpt is a hands-on procedure that allows only one part of the body to be treated at the time, whereas ID is a hands-free treatment that can address up to two areas at once.

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