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AviClear Acne Treatment – Houston, TX

Clearer Skin Is Within Your Reach

Acne is one of the most common skin problems in the U.S., with millions of adolescents and adults struggling with regular breakouts. Cleansers, toners, pills, and similar products are mildly effective against this condition, but for many people, they don’t provide a definitive solution to their acne. Fortunately, a revolutionary laser acne treatment in Houston is now available at Dream Aesthetics MedSpa. Read on below to learn more about AviClear.

Smiling woman before and after AviClear acne treatment in Houston

What Is AviClear?

Woman relaxing while undergoing laser skin treatment

AviClear is the first FDA-approved laser treatment for acne. It works by targeting and suppressing the activity of the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for producing sebum (the oily substance on the skin) that can cause breakouts.

AviClear is administered in a series of three 30-minute sessions, spaced about one month apart. Each treatment helps to reduce activity int eh sebaceous glands. Patients who finish a course of AviClear treatment find that their breakouts are less frequent, less severe, and of shorter duration.

Who Is a Candidate for AviClear?

Adult with acne, possible candidate for Aviclear acne treatment

One of the best things about AviClear is that almost anyone can take advantage of it. It is available without a prescription. Even better, unlike a lot of laser treatments, it is suitable for all skin tones, from fair to dark. It works so well because, rather than targeting pigments in the skin, it targets the source of sebum. This allows patients with darker skin tones to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation

AviClear is also suitable for patients of virtually any age, from adolescents to adults who have been struggling with acne for many years.

The treatment can help people who struggle with mild, moderate, or severe acne. However, most people who choose to undergo AviClear have breakouts that fall into the moderate or severe category.

Benefits of AviClear

Woman enjoying clear skin after successful acne treatment with AviClear

Some of the most noteworthy benefits of AviClear include:

AviClear is a remarkable aesthetic service that has the potential to clear your skin, boost your confidence, and spare you from the pain of frequent breakouts. To learn more about it or to schedule your consultation, get in touch with our team today!

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