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Medical Spa IV Services – Houston, TX

Quick, Easy Hydration & Energy Boost

When you think about going to the spa, the image of someone sitting in a chair hooked up to an IV likely doesn’t pop into your mind. However, this is actually becoming one of the most popular treatments sought out by professional and amateur athletes alike, as well as average people who just want more energy throughout the day. With medical spa IV servcies in our Houston, TX medspa, we can help people stay at their peak performance much longer using an extremely convenient and comfortable process.

I V drip

Why Choose Dream Aesthetics MedSpa for IV Services?

IV Hydration Therapy

I V hydration therapy tools

At any one time, many, many people are dehydrated and don’t know it. Rather than just feeling thirsty, they are lethargic, sore, and lack energy. This causes many to turn to energy bars or caffeine, which exposes patients to excess sugar and sets them up for a crash later.

With IV Hydration Therapy, a combination of saline and other vitamins are administered directly into the bloodstream with a small injection in the arm. This quickly and easily hydrates the patient without them having to drink glass after glass of water, and this also helps the muscles stay supple and recover more rapidly after exercise or sports. For active people, it’s a convenient and healthy way to stay on top of their game at all times.

What to Expect After an IV Drip

Man on a jog after I V drip

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