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Exosome Skin Treatment – Houston, TX

A Step Beyond Stem Cells

In recent years, stem cell therapy has become increasingly popular in the world of anti-aging treatments. Indeed, stem cells can do much to repair tissues and help skin to look its best. Now, though, an even more targeted approach to anti-aging is available. It uses exosomes. What is exosome skin treatment in Houston, and how might it be able to benefit you? Read on below to learn more about how this therapy may be able to help you turn back the clock on your appearance.

Illustration of stem cells used in exosome treatments

What Are Exosomes?

Woman happy with the results of her exosome skin treatment

Human cells include a variety of tiny components, called organelles. When organelles fuse with the cell wall, exosomes are created. In the past, scientists thought that exosomes were like tiny trash receptors, with the sole purpose of removing unwanted waste from the cells. Now, though, we have a more refined understanding of what they are. They serve as intracellular communication vehicles. Basically, they carry instructions from one cell to another.

The exosomes used in skin treatments come from stem cells, which are harvested by experts from embryos, bone marrow, or adipose (fat) tissues. The exosomes are then incorporated into products that can be applied to patients’ skin.

Benefits of Exosome Skin Treatment

Mature woman wondering if exosome treatment is right for her

Exosome skin treatment works by encouraging your skin cells to rejuvenate and repair themselves. It can produce an increase in elastin and fibroblasts, which are important for maintaining skin’s structure and elasticity. As a result of exosome treatment, you might notice:

Is Exosome Skin Treatment Right for You?

Women with beautiful complexions after exosome skin treatment

One of the great things about exosomes is that they are safe for use on all types of skin. They are also hypoallergenic, so you are extremely unlikely to have any bad reaction to them.

Still, it is important to keep in mind that exosome therapies are relatively new on the skincare scene. They can be quite effective, but they are just one of several options when it comes to anti-aging treatments. Our team will be happy to help you compare all of your options and design a plan for helping you achieve the youthful, smooth, and healthy skin that you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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